The Maya People and the prophecies

by: Carlos Quintana
Everybody has something to say about today, so it was my intention to write another version about December 21st, the calendar, winter solstice, its prophecies and doomsday. I guess I am not up to it today too much has been said, so I will have to wait at least another 5126 years for another 13 baktun cycle to come by and see if we are still here.

The subject is immense and diverse so writing a note on all said to this date, I believe would require more of the same and a great amount of space than expected.

Estela 6 de Tortuguero Estela 6 de Tortuguero (photo by: Alfonso Bouchot)

The whole story on todays final moments starts with Mayan Estela, No.6, found in the Tortuguero site in Tabasco, Mexico, and the knowledge of what the Mayan Calendar is, the Long Count, Haab, Tzolkin cycles and how they work. Around their interpretation and readings of the glyphs is that scholars and prophets have delved. Arriving at all sorts of conclusions and to our sorrow non very conclusive and somewhat confusing.
Fortunately a new page is on the web served and written be people that know what they are writing about. Enjoy it.

The Meaning of 2012 – Living Maya Time, Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian

Tortuguero Glyphs Estela6 & Maya Calendar Tortuguero Glyphs Estela6 & Maya Calendar
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